Chris O'Connell

Chris 2.jpg
Lead Vocals

When you buy tickets to our show for the first time, we are under no illusion that the reason behind it is the music of the main man, Phil Collins. Whether you are a fan of the Genesis era or the solo material, you need convincing at a tribute show that the musicians feel the same way you do about the notes they sing and play.

Within seconds of seeing our ‘Phil’ you will realise that your fears are unfounded. The vocals, the mannerisms, the passion of the telling of the story and each heartfelt word, Chris O’Connell perfectly captures our hero. From the sad ballads to the rocking pop songs, it’s obvious that Chris has spent a lot of time watching Phil perform. Watch his antics with the tambourine, see him interact with the band and then take to the drum stool or keyboard to finish the job of proving he has it all to capture the essence of Mr Collins on stage.

Chris is a lifelong Phil Collins and Genesis fan from Liverpool. He has a background in theatre and acting, skills of which are shown on stage in abundance! Chris comes from a musical family of multi instrumentalists. He started his stage career as a guitarist, with Dave Gilmour a major influence. At 19, a friend persuaded him to listen to the Genesis albums ‘A Trick of The Tail’ and ‘Wind and Wuthering’, and the young Chris’ love of Genesis and Phil Collins began. Come to chat to him at the end of a show and hear his knowledge of the hero he so naturally portrays….once you get him chatting though, you might never get home….

Favourite Music: Oh you mean apart from Phil and Genesis? The Beatles, Steely Dan, Yes, Supertramp, Elton John, Whitney Houston.
Chris’ favourite Phil Collins song to perform is ‘In the Air Tonight’
His favourite Phil album is ‘Face Value’ and he feels Phil’s most underrated song is ‘Don’t let him steal your heart away’.


Tom Lark

Trombone, Backing Vocal & Percussion

The charisma of our resident Trombonist is something that most of our fans comment on when they first see our show! There is no doubt that Tom loves to be on the stage, playing directly to the audience with his infectious style at every opportunity. Watching Tom up there, you can’t help but smile with him!
Tom began in local Big Bands in Somerset, before progressing to the professional circuit playing Soul, Funk and Latin nationally to great acclaim. Tom holds a BA Hons in Band Musicianship, which led him to become a founder member of our band, and the leader of the And Finally Horns. Inspired by running our horn section Tom went on to create the dbhorns along with Sam Adams and Michael Maddocks. 
Favourite Music: Tower of Power, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Incognito, Fred Wesley
Previous Projects: Tom has worked with performers such as Yazz, Omar, Ray Davies, Kula Shaker, The Drifters, Jamie Johnson and Natasha Watts.
Tom’s favourite Phil Collins song to play is ‘Misunderstanding’.

Jake Thornton


Jake ( "Jake the Snake" ) was 8 years of age when he first started playing the saxophone, he grew up playing at gigs, weddings and jam sessions with his Dad's band. His love of performing drew him to study at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. since coming to Birmingham from Scotland Jake has played with many bands from many genres from jazz, funk, rock, pop to folk and classical music. 

Bands include The Electric Swing Circus, The Best of Wham, Punch The Sky, The Argent Quartet as well as working as a freelance saxophonist. Jake has featured on several albums including Fairport Convention's "Myths and Heroes" as well as recording with his own band Punch The Sky. 

Favourite Phil Collins song - Against All Odds 


Dafydd Llyr Davies


Dafydd is an explosive soul on the drums! He has diverse influences from the incredibly talented Buddy Rich to the awesome Stage presence of Phil Collins. Having played a lot of music featuring drummers of the likes of Mitch Mitchel, Ginger Baker, Jeff Porcaro, Simon Phillips, John Bonham and a vast array of other musical influences makes him a  powerful, energetic engine for the band!
Dafydd really enjoys having fun on stage and its very difficult not to have fun along with him.
With such a great band in front of him this engine will growl and spit from start to finish.
Favourite music - Good Music  (or if you twist his arm for an answer Toto and Frank Sinatra)
Favorite Phil Collins song - Land of Confusion


Michael Maddocks


Being the youngest member of the horn section, and having to deal with the huge character of Tom Lark alongside him, you would think that Mike would stand by and let the show revolve around him. But certainly not! Mike is a force of his own on stage, and you only have to hear the high notes on the trumpet and see him taking centre spotlight to realise that! The fun that the horn section has relates to the personalities, and Mike draws the laughter from both Sam and Tom with his on-stage antics!
Mike studied at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and now plays trumpet professionally and teaches both trumpet and piano.
Other projects: Sincerely Yours: Vera Lynn at 100 years theatre tour, musical theatre including Phantom of the Opera, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Sister Act, and recordings for the BBC, most recently the Daphne Sounds Expensive radio series.
Favourite Music: David Sanborn, James Brown, Maceo, George Clinton, Memphis Horns
Mike’s favourite Phil Collins song to play is ‘You’ll Be in my Heart’

Stuart Norman


Bringing a touch of Daryl Stuermer to the band is Stu Norman. Having grown up with the music of Phil Collins and Genesis all around him, Stu picked up a guitar for the first time at the age of 10 to begin emulating his heroes. Studying the likes of Steve Lukather and Larry Carlton was the catalyst for developing his unique sound, featuring equal measures of drama and subtlety that you can hear now with And Finally Phil Collins.
A sense of energy and fun typify Stu’s stage persona, carried along with the infectious vibe of the Phil Collins up-beat numbers. And when the time is right, the tear-jerkers are brought to life by his softer touches.
Other projects: Stu also features as Daryl Stuermer in the Genesis Visible Touch show.
Favourite music: From Steely Dan, Toto and Rainbow to Opeth, Kamelot and Nevermore to Disclosure, Churches and Nothing But Thieves
Stu’s favourite Phil Collins song to perform is: Sussudio


Tony Turrell

Keyboard, Backing Vocal 

Since discovering the thing he’d been using as a clothes hanger was actually a piano at age 18, Tony has now been a professional musician for over 20 years. Working as keyboard player, co-writer and Musical Director for the likes of ex-Marillion frontman Fish, or as a technician/audio engineer for the likes of 80s synthpop star Thomas Dolby, Tony has also appeared on several artists releases as a session player and toured the world numerous times, playing to audience sizes of anything from 15 to 150,000 in the process. His compositional abilities have additionally been sought by the likes of Hotel Chocolat for TV advertising campaigns and by library/production music firms.

Sian Unwin


Taking the role of Phil’s famous bass player, Leland Sklar, we have Southampton based player Sian Unwin. Sian started her journey into music playing Clarinet, she took playing the Bass seriously at University where she developed her style of tight, groove focused playing. Having grown up listening to the likes of Earth Wind and Fire, Parliament, Funkadelic, Marcus Miller and Level 42, Phil Collins was never going to be far away! The melodic and delicately crafted basslines would be a joy for any musician to play and bring to life. 

Favourite music - Earth Wind and Fire

Sian's favourite Phil song to play is Easy Lover (Behind the Lines a close second)